Welcome to DiarmaidKilleen.com, the official hub for the art of Diarmaid Killeen.

I'm an Irish artist who’s been exhibiting since the age of fifteen. Now with over 25 years of experience, I've developed a mature & recognizable style. I paint colourful originals ranging from gentle dream-like landscapes to wild abstracts full of spontaneity & movement. The visual intensity of my art, always brimming with emotion & passion, can spark the imagination to generate other senses - the fragrance of a summer meadow, the noise of a gurgling stream, the touch of warmth from a golden sunset.

My style of painting has been described as abstract, impressionist, expressionist and other similar variations ("A sort of post-modern impressionism" -Nova Magazine, Paris, 1996). Hundreds of my original paintings are in private collections throughout Europe, USA and Canada. I have also sent paintings to South America, Africa, Russia, Japan and Australia.

Paintings Archive

Past visitors to diarmaidkilleen.com might remember the Archive page, a gallery containing almost every painting that I had photographed or scanned. It was a simple HTML gallery which became more difficult to maintain as the number of paintings grew so at some point I removed it with the intention of replacing it with a better system. Now it's finally back (hosted on Flickr) and contains over 1000 paintings!

YouTube Channel

My paintings are often created in layers. A canvas may go through several dramatic changes before it becomes a finished painting. Now you get to see beneath the surface and follow the creative process that gives my paintings their unique look. Head on over to my YouTube Channel and if you enjoy watching me paint, please subscribe!

Social Media

If you'd like to comment on or share my art with your online friends, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. My handle is: @diarmaidkilleen


If you would like to browse my available-to-buy original paintings, please visit my secure online store. Worldwide delivery by registered post is free and all items are ready for next-working-day dispatch from Dublin, Ireland.

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Mini-gallery of original paintings by Diarmaid Killeen. Titles from left to right: Druidic Dawn (2014) / Painting #203 / Painting #396 / Phantasms / Coastal Sunset